About achievements

Sometime between 2013 and 2014 I decided to commission a review of my photographs, looking for confirmation of whether the way I was photographing made sense, what mistakes I was making, where and what I could improve on. I had been photographing for about a decade by then, although I would describe that period as an intensive photography course, with the occasional intuitive slip-up when I was doing something at a decent level. I was mainly taking tight shots, searching for interesting details, looking at the world through focal lengths greater than 50mm. I sent out about 12 images for judging. My first portfolio ever. I expected criticism, of course, because that’s exactly why I decided to do it, but something more happened, I opened my eyes very wide. I found that the world was just as fascinating from the 17mm perspective, and the space allowed me to breathe deeper and gave me a sense of freedom. Landscape became my favourite subject from then on and I decided to start entering competitions with it. The first photo to win an honourable mention in an international competition is also one of my favourites, ‘One’.

Then there were further competitions including:

  • Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA)
  • ND Awards Photo Contest
  • International Landscape Photographer of the Year
  • International Photography Awards (IPA)
  • MonoVisions Photography Awards
  • Monochrome Photography Awards
  • PX3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris

In the years that followed, in addition to landscape, my photographs were recognised in the categories of fine art, nature, conceptual and architecture.

All these awards and recognitions are very important to me because I am constantly aware that my artistic intuition has not gone astray and that what I am doing is still world class and improving.

So, after this long introduction, let me present all the awarded and recognised photographs with a final comment: the most honoured photo is “Flow” and the highest rated photo, i.e. the bronze medal at the competition in Paris, is “Only Birds”. Enjoy!