“Only birds”

The year 2020, a frosty December morning, fog envelops the city, the Krakow’s Main Square is completely deserted. The pandemic has reached everywhere, even more so here, under the Cloth Hall. It was as if someone had stopped time just before people left their homes. The heart of Krakow, which beats 24 hours a day, has stopped. Silence. Only birds can be heard. Perhaps they are the legendary warriors of one of the dukes of Krakow, turned into pigeons?

The photo won a bronze medal at the Px3 photography competition in Paris in the Street/Special category and has also recently found its place in one of Krakow’s art galleries. If you happen to be in my hometown, be sure to stop by the intimate Bocho Art Gallery on St Thomas Street, where you can see and also buy this print. There are only a few limited editions with certificates. 

“I have this amazing photograpy taken by Tomasz, and since Krakow holds a special place in my heart, this photo has great meaning to me. This is a beautiful shot of my beloved Krakow Market Square with its inseparable pigeons in flight. The depth of this photograpy takes me back to my childhood. This is an amazing shot, full of warmth and joy. I can definitely say that I identify with the author feeling his reaction and the way he captures interesting moments. Tomasz, thank you very much for allowing my memories of Krakow to be with me every time I look at this photograpy.”

Justyna from UK