How to order?

The process of ordering is very simple. You choose what you like and write an email request for a quote via contact page. In the case of Art Objects in the gallery, prices are displayed below the titles for each work and start from 110 EUR. For photos, choose A4 (60 EUR) or A3 (120 EUR) print size, provide the title of the photo you selected and ask for a shipping quote. Photo prints are made on Imprime or Tecco fineart papers. Depending on the destination country and the size of the package, the shipping price can vary between 10 EUR and 30 EUR without insurance which can be calculated additionally at the customer’s request.

For photographs, it is possible to print in the following versions:

To ensure the best possible reception of the printed photo and before making a print, I may also need information about where it will be hung and the distance from which it will be viewed.

Prints larger than A3, even 2 metres on the long edge, are possible, but pricing depends on the subcontractor.

Price negotiation is possible when purchasing more than 3 photographs and more than 2 Art Objects from the gallery.

You can also use my Etsy shop: