“Tomasz Susuł has shown a comprehensively shaped portrait of high mountains which the artist has wound through on numerous occasions, has got to know thoroughly and got emotionally espoused with his artistic motherland. The eminent photographer’s strong feelings towards his beloved stone alps and measureless ice fields have resulted in creation of classical compositions, and contributed to precise and real mapping of the alpine landscapes.”

Paweł Pierściński

My photography journey paved the way for me to delve into the fascinating world of alternative processes. Without this, there would be no onward journey so there can be no shortage of photos on this page. I have chosen only those that are close to my heart but this is only a small selection of what I have in my collection. The portfolio will evolve, I’ll be replacing photos from time to time and I’ll be adding new ones so check back here from time to time because I guarantee a visual feast.

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