I believe that life isn’t what you’re given, it’s what you create, overcome and achieve and that thought has been hunting me for a long time because my passion, photography, was not complete. I have realized that art of photography doesn’t mean to take a shot and make few tweaks on a computer. It is also the way how you want to present it: hand cutting passepartout, adorning it with the perfect frame and finally exposing in the most suitable place to get an ultimate pleasure while looking at it. In other words I want to transform the photo I am satisfy with into an art object.

The only possibility for me to do it the right way, without sacrificing quality on any stage was to do it myself. Yes, It takes time but art wasn’t and isn’t about speed. It always is and will be a slow and sometimes painful process: challenge yourself, be humble, look for perfection, be patient, reflect and do it all over again.

I believe that every piece of art has a soul. Soul of an artist that made them, a part of his heart, a piece of his life. You can see it in brush strokes on a canvas, in carvings in a wood or handwriting in an ancient book … if you slow down and look closer. That creates a connection between an artist and a mindful viewer that modern and impersonal forms of presentation will never replace.

With every work I’m giving you part of myself, something tangible, my passion carved in every detail, a time capsule carrying my beliefs.


Paweł Pierściński

“Tomasz Susuł has shown a comprehensively shaped portrait of high mountains which the artist has wound through on numerous occasions, has got to know thoroughly and got emotionally espoused with his artistic motherland. The eminent photographer’s strong feelings towards his beloved stone alps and measureless ice fields have resulted in creation of classical compositions, and contributed to precise and real mapping of the alpine landscapes.”

Paweł Pierściński – one of the greatest Polish landscape photographers.


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