There are three ways to order:

  1. in my Etsy shop for alternative photography works,
  2. in Creative Market for photography,
  3. using an email,


In the Etsy shop, you can buy my works made using alternative photography techniques that you can find in the gallery. If the work is currently not available there, you can purchase it by emailing me for a shipping quote or for listing it on Etsy.


The Creative Market shop contains photographs that I have not qualified for the portfolio, but there may be exceptions. If you are looking for photgoraphs for wallpaper, calendar, article or website template, please visit the shop!

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You can order a print of any of the photographs on the portfolio page by email (use contact page). There you will find some of the best photos, including those that have been awarded in photography competitions.

For photos, choose A4 (60 EUR) or A3 (80 EUR) print size, provide the title of the photo you selected and ask for a shipping quote. Prints are made on archival quality fineart papers. Depending on the destination country and the size of the package, the shipping price can vary between 10 EUR and 30 EUR without insurance which can be calculated additionally at the customer’s request.

Three printing options are possibile:

To ensure the best possible reception of the printed photo and before making a print, I may also need information about where it will be hung and the distance from which it will be viewed.

Prints larger than A3, even 2 metres on the long edge, are possible, but pricing depends on the subcontractor.

cryptocurrency accepted

Price negotiation is possible when purchasing more than 3 photographs and more than 2 Art Objects from the gallery.

All mockups are under free licence from Freepik.